Grand Opening

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Grand Opening


Contact 760-310-8460

ThinkFast Engineering is open for business, and has a newly developed web site describing the company’s capabilities. The URL is and it features three main areas:

  • ThinkFast Engineering section describes TFE‘s capabilites and experience.
  • FastBits is an online e-store with a product line of innovative motorsports parts and accessories.
  • ThinkFast Lab is a blog about current activities and tech notes, racing team adventures, and occasional surprises.

TFE was founded by Neil Roberts, an accomplished veteran of ultra-high performance vehicle design and engineering, with decades of superb results to show for it. These capabilities are available on an engineering consultant basis. TFE‘s staffing level will grow to suit the needs of our customers. Neil is also the author of Think Fast – The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning. Think Fast is available through and numerous racing parts suppliers.

The primary types of expertise that TFE excels in are aerodynamic engineering, structural engineering and optimization, race car and road car design, suspension geometry design and optimization, and development of existing race cars. TFE also has extensive experience in the design and development of light aircraft, both manned and unmanned. These capabilities can be applied to a wide variety of other challenges, making TFE qualified to excel in many types of product development programs. Contact TFE to take your first step toward a great result.

1 Comment

  1. Your website is like you. A little different. Diifferent in the sence that it has an edge: the edge needed to win.

    You have most certainly helped my team to get it”s edge. We expect that advantage to show itself in May as we attempt to break the 12 year standing Unlimited Class record at the Silver State Challenge. With your help our stock car designed for 200 mph is doing 250 (with no additional power).

    Your companies may be new but you are obviously an experienced veteran, with much to offer amateur and professional racers.

    Good luck Neil!

    Jim Peruto