Snapshot 001

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Snapshot 001

TFE just rifled out of the tunnel in a brilliant flash and a reverberating roar, the sun glinting off its shiny new surfaces for the very first time. It’s moving too fast to tell just what it looks like. All we can tell right now is that it’s a bright streak over the pavement, hurtling furiously into the future. It should come into focus soon, so we can all get a better sense of what it is and what it does. One thing is for sure, there is no lack of excitement around here.

ThinkFast Engineering has been powershifting through the gears for a while, so the web site is in catch-up mode. We will talk a lot about machines, some about the men behind them, and occasionally about how and why men and machines seem to benefit from each other.

TFE and FastBits are fairly easy to grasp, but ThinkFast Lab is much more nebulous. Part of the Lab is my own amateur racing exploits, part of it is the engineering efforts associated with that, part of it is developing and testing the FastBits, part of it is about the significant events within TFE that I am free to discuss, and part of it is pondering technology and philosophy. You never quite know what’s going to show up here next, and I like that.

I have a long list of topics that will be covered here as time permits, but I’m sure that some of the things that you have seen on this site so far have raised questions. Let’s cover those first. I invite you to post a comment or email me, and I will try to complete the picture for you. Thanks for joining the party, and thanks for spreading the word about the good things going on here.