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I admire quiet brilliance. It is what I strive to produce as the end result of every project.

While pondering my fundamental motivations for doing the things that I enjoy, I remembered a great example of this ideal result. Its brilliance appears effortless. It could be truly effortless, or it could be the result of an infinitely diligent effort that turned a common rock into a flawless gem. Either way, the end result is so powerful that its excellence is self evident. Take a couple of minutes to enjoy this, then come back.

It’s my favorite moment from Fiddler on the Roof. That may seem to be an odd example of an ideal result for a motorsports-oriented blog, but I think it’s a great one because it’s a perfect example of quiet brilliance. While there are many ideal results of racing projects that I could point to, it’s usually very difficult to notice that excellence through the fog of confetti and champagne spray.

ThinkFast Engineering is in business to provide the foundation of victory for other racers. Auto racing is a highly technical sport compared to most, so it takes a deep knowledge base and innovative approaches to problem solving to earn your way to the top step of the podium. It is entirely understandable that most racers don’t want to become their own engineers in order to achieve success on the track. That explains the popularity of spec car racing. It also provides a market for services like TFE to provide the technical expertise necessary to achieve success in open-development racing venues. While it’s not too difficult to learn enough about race cars to campaign one very effectively, racing is one of the fields of endeavor where there is no such thing as good enough. Every single aspect of your entire racing enterprise can and should be improved every day. If there is a better way to do something, go for it starting right now. Contacting TFE is a great start, and we will work together to produce the results you want.