A Thousand Faster Thinkers

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A Thousand Faster Thinkers

Think Fast – The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning achieved a major milestone today: One thousand books delivered! A thousand thanks to each of you who bought a copy.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this, but the feedback about Think Fast has been absolutely 100% positive. I have been honored and flattered by your comments about the book, and I hope to continue learning from them as well.

The content in Think Fast must be fairly solid if it has stood up to the scrutiny of so many racers. Also, I must have gone to print with it at the right time since I have only thought of one detail that I should have included. It’s an important safety related detail, so here it is:

Your brake bias bar clevises should have flats on one side that will contact the sides of the brake pedal when the bias bar rotates more than about 15°. That will keep one brake circuit functioning if the other one fails. This requirement is in most rule books, but many of the bias bar assemblies that I see don’t look like they would be very effective if one circuit fails.

I had several goals in mind when I wrote Think Fast:

  • Share what I have learned about race car engineering and driving at every level from autocross to the Indy 500
  • Show readers what to focus on and what to skimp on so that they can afford to do what it takes to run with the lead pack
  • Share the guidance that I have provided to a handful of Formula SAE teams with a wider audience
  • Inspire at least one racer to pursue a career in race car engineering, and to teach that person some of the specialized details that they will need on the job
  • Describe what it takes to create and implement a successful team-effort program in any field of endeavor, using the fundamental principles that racing teaches every competitor
  • Open new doors for myself as a motorsports engineer and racing mentor

As far as I know, every one of those goals has been met in spectacular fashion. Are you the one person that I inspired? If you are, I would be delighted to learn about your adventure.

If you would like to learn more about Think Fast, and perhaps order a copy for yourself, here is the place to go: