Fan Mail

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Fan Mail

Here is a recent example of the positive feedback that I get about Think Fast – The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning.


I received your book yesterday and just finished what I am certain is the first of many more readings. It is an excellent piece of work  that takes up from where Carroll Smith left off so many years ago. My editions of Smith’s works are so dogged-eared that further reading now requires a certain delicacy.

It’s not only the information you provide, but the logical progression through each area and from one area to next that is exemplary. I am not an engineer by training nor any stretch of the imagination. My understanding of race cars began the day I brought home my first Formula Ford in 1971 and began taking it apart.

To to tell the truth, despite many rereadings of certain concepts in Smith’s books, there were always several concepts that I had trouble getting my head around. In at least two instances, you have wiped away the lack of understanding and made those things easy to grasp.

Again, my thanks for your effort to put this work together and make all that very important information available to the likes of myself.


See what I mean about positive feedback? It’s downright humbling.

You can check out Think Fast, read several excerpts and reviews, and order a copy for yourself or a racer you know by clicking here: