Then, Now, and Soon

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Then, Now, and Soon

When the posts on this blog get less frequent, it means that a lot is going on behind the scenes. That has been the case for a long time, and it’s all good news!

I recently completed more than a year of consulting for the Northrop Grumman Corporation, helping develop a number of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for military applications. Some of those aircraft are in the field now, saving the lives of America’s warriors at this very moment. Some are nearing completion, and others are in the early stages of development. Each aircraft will have an important role to perform for our military services. I would like to thank the key decision makers at Northrop who opened the door for me to contribute to the defense of the nation in some small way.

I recently began a long term assignment for Honda Performance Development, and I’m having an absolute blast in the process! Everything about it is better than I have experienced in a very long time: the environment, the clarity, the focus, the resources, the traditions, the history of excellence, and the freedom to innovate. Of course all of that is because the people are absolutely spectacular. Great things are coming from this group.

In addition to the projects that I can tell you about, there are more under way, but they are not ready for the spotlight just yet. One of those projects is absolutely spectacular and amazingly fun, so it’s hard for me not to tell you about it. When the time is right, I will.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there is an amazingly excellent possbility for the future, but that is also way too early to talk about. The combination of all this engineering goodness then, now, and soon has me smiling all day every day. There has never been a better moment in my career.