Not Fade Away

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Not Fade Away

The March 2013 issue of NASA‘s Speed News e-zine features my article titled “Not Fade Away” as the cover subject for the issue. Many thanks to NASA and the Speed News staff for this honor. This article describes how and why air cooling of race car brakes makes a car with marginal brake cooling faster, safer, and less expensive to operate. It also describes how to add a brake cooling system to your racer. Click this link to read the issue, and stay tuned for more of my¬†articles in future issues. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to contribute to Speed News, and I look forward to each new issue.


  1. One thing to note is that many brake cooling systems add drag and cost lift through flow separation. If I were running a car with considerable downforce available, I would at least run calculations on whether it would be faster to add wing and remove the ducts entirely, going faster through the corners and slower down the straights. If I did this, I might tell the driver that he could only use the brakes a few times, “so use them wisely!”

    • That’s an interesting thought. However, as I said in the article: If you can’t stop, don’t go. Braking system functionality is a primary means of disaster prevention. Don’t leave home without it!