Even more bester

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Even more bester

Brett Becker, the editor of the National Auto Sport Association‘s Speed News magazine, has created a jewel. It is extremely rare for any magazine issue to earn a place on a serious racer’s bookshelf, and this one does. As soon as you flip through it, you will agree. Just click this link to get a digital copy for yourself, and more for all of your favorite track rats. ‘Tis the season, and it really is that good. Here is Brett’s concept for the year-in-review special issue in his own words:

We got to thinking what would better serve NASA members. How could we produce something that would be useful to readers over the winter months? We looked at all the stories about driver improvement published through the year. We also looked at the technical features, and found that there were a lot of “wrench ready” stories that offered step by step guidance on various aspects of car setup.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could compile all of them into one issue, so NASA members could reference them in one place rather than them trying to remember where they read that great tip about tire temperatures or that bit about tuning antiroll bars. We thought so too. So that’s what we did.

Welcome to Speed News’ inaugural “Ultimate Racecar Setup and Driver Instruction Manual”, your one-stop issue for the very best information for making you and your car go faster.

Here’s the link:


Flip the page and you are presented with a huge surprise. The table of contents is unlike any that you have ever seen, and it lays out what you are about to experience in five major categories that span the full spectrum of the racer’s quest. Whether your trips under the green flag number one or many hundred, there is a shocking array of genuinely useful information in there for you. 16 great articles in all categories fill this jewel issue.

And by the way, I wrote six of those articles.