Making you faster is what we do.

Whether your goal is moving up the grid, setting a land speed record, earning a national championship, or creating a whole new speed machine, TFE has the expertise to help you get there. With more than 30 years of experience in top-echelon professional motorsports engineering, new-aircraft aerospace engineering, and amateur motorsports, TFE knows how to achieve the results you want. Our expertise includes aerodynamic and mechanical design, analysis and optimization, suspension geometry optimization, handling development, track-side engineering, detail design and manufacturing support, and more.

Neil Roberts, Founder and Chief Scientist of ThinkFast Engineering

Neil Roberts has been a key player in the creation of dozens of serious go-machines. Here are some examples of Neil’s past projects:

Chief engineer and aerodynamicist of "Hell's Charger" land speed record car developed for Jim Peruto

Chief engineer of Eclipse Concept Jet


Senior design engineer of Swift 017.n Formula Nippon


Author of Think Fast - The Racer's Why-To Guide to Winning















Chief engineer of Swift 014.a Formula Atlantic

Chief engineer of Killer Bee 2 and Killer Bee 3 UAV

Senior design engineer of 4 years of Swift Champ Cars

Indy qualifying photo 1994

Engineer and aerodynamicist for 4 years at Hall Racing


15+ years experience in amateur motorsports as driver, engineer, and mechanic