FastBits by ThinkFast Engineering

FastBits by┬áThinkFast Engineering is all about meeting your needs with innovative products. Everything you will find here is either a new innovation, or is a real improvement to an old idea. The FastBits product line will continue to grow as new concepts are developed to maturity. The most important FastBit is the one that you can’t find anywhere else:

Design For You

Turn ThinkFast Engineering loose on the challenge you are facing, and you will like the results.

A single part? No problem.

A complete assembly? Gotcha covered.

Major mods requiring advanced analysis and optimization? Bring it.

A whole new clean-sheet design like nothing that has ever been done before? TFE has decades of experience creating original designs, and they have all succeeded spectacularly. We can scale our operation to meet the needs of your program, and we apply the professional racer’s approach to everything we do: Deadlines Never Move.

Contact TFE‘s Founder and Chief Scientist Neil Roberts to discuss your project and your goals, and we will work with you closely every step of the way. TFE can handle the complete design of your project, and we will provide manufacturing assistance all the way through delivery and testing.


Think Fast – The Racer’s Why-To Guide to Winning

Think Fast covers the full spectrum of knowledge required to create a successful racing program with limited resources. Click here to link to the web site and order your copy.