Capabilities and Expertise

Neil Roberts has a long record of engineering excellence in the creation of extreme-performance vehicles and structures, development of existing race cars, and a wide variety of other high performance machines. Project types that TFE has experience and expertise in include:

  • Clean-sheet design and manufacture of top-echelon open wheel race cars including Indycars, Champ Cars, Formula Nippon, and 3 generations of Pro Formula Atlantic
  • Chief engineering and aerodynamic development of land speed record racing cars
  • Structural design and analysis of NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car body shells
  • Chief engineering of both manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Wind power product design
  • Wind tunnel testing and CFD-based aerodynamic performance development of race cars, aircraft, class 8 trucks, and other vehicles
  • Finite Element Analysis and FEA-based optimization of highly complex high-performance composite and metallic structures
  • Aerodynamic and structural development of both professional and amateur-level race cars
  • Suspension geometry development and optimization for both clean-sheet and existing designs
  • Race car setup optimization for road courses, oval tracks, and autocross
  • Data acquisition system operation and analysis
  • Development driving and competition driving
  • Educational programs, technical presentations, and design judging at conferences, student competitions, and motorsports seminars

TFE’s expertise also includes many disciplines not listed here. Click the About tab for photos of TFE’s prior projects and vehicle designs. If your project involves a serious go-machine, TFE can either make it, or make it better.

Contact us with your development challenge to learn how we can succeed together.